Google Play services

Google Play services - Google services for Android apps

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Google Play Services is an app that permits other apps to work. The app is pre-installed on all Android devices. Users do not need to do anything to make it work. There are some apps from the Play Store that will not work unless Google Play Services is on the phone and up-to-date.

Google Play Services also aids all Google apps. When you purchase a new Android device you might need to update Google Play Services to have some of the Google apps work. It is okay. You will receive a message from the app you are trying to use, and it will direct you to Google Play Services in the Play Store. Tap update for Google Play Services. It should then update, and you will be all set to use the app you want to use.

With so many apps depending on the assistance of Google Play Services, it would not be wise to uninstall the app. Many will attempt to disable the app, but that is not wise either. One should let the app run in the background and do its work. You should never uninstall this app; it is necessary for so many of the other apps on your phone.